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Malaysia has become a destination of choice not only for honeymoon couples but also Muslims looking for a new environment to live in and bring up their families. Malay Muslims make up 60% of the population (the minority being made up of Malaysian Chinese and Indians) and facilities for Muslims are a great attraction of the country, from halal food to beautiful mosques and prayer rooms (suraus) in shopping malls. Most Malay women wear the tudung (hijab), while non-Muslim women are also free to dress as they choose. Alcohol is banned in certain states (like Kelantan and Terengganu), but it is widely available in the capital Kuala Lumpur, the main destination for expats. Other attractions include the sunny climate (a bit hot for some!), widespread use of English, modern infrastructure, relatively low cost of living (by Western standards), friendly and respectful locals, child-friendly environment.

Although English is widely spoken Islamic classes are predominantly in Bahasa Malaysia. Finding classes in English can be a struggle, so check out What's On to find classes and activities near you.

Thinking of moving to KL and want to know about schools? Living in Malaysia and keen to share your experiences? Don't know where to take your kids out this weekend? Join our forums and get typing!

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