Makkah dawa center guides 1,300 expats to Islam



MAKKAH: More than 1,300 foreigners have embraced Islam thanks to the Cooperative Office for Dawa, Guidance and Enlightenment of Foreign Communities in Makkah since its establishment 19 years ago, according to the office’s chairman.

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Salloumi told Arab News on Wednesday that the office has three branches all located outside the boundaries of Makkah.
"Our office in Al-Sharaie district is mainly concerned with spreading Islam among the Chinese who work on the Makkah Metro project," he added.
Al-Salloumi said their office in Al-Taneem, which is also outside the boundaries of the holy city, is focusing on three local hospitals, which are mainly staffed by non-Muslim doctors, nurses and technicians.
"The area has many factories where non-Muslim foreigners work. We target these workers and ask them to consider embracing Islam," he said.
Al-Salloumi said the first thing the office does for new Muslims is teach them Arabic through intensive study courses.
"We also teach them the Islamic tenets to make them good Muslims," he said.
He said the converts would be employed to spread Islam among their countrymen.
"We make use of them, because since they speak the same language as their non-Muslim compatriots, they will be in a better position to introduce Islam to them," he added.
Al-Salloumi said the office is making use of the service of Muslim students at the Institute of Arabic Language for Non-Arabic Speakers in Makkah.
"These are originally Muslims. Because of their knowledge of the language, we seek their help to spread Islam among non-Muslim communities from their countries," he said.

Students of 60 different nationalities attend the institute, he said, adding that the yearly intake is 100 students. 

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