Criminal cases up by 14 percent
By Muhammad Al-Ghamdi
RIYADH – The number of cases investigated by the Commission for Investigation and Prosecution (CIP) during last year increased by 14 percent, or 8,335 cases, a report released here on Tuesday showed.
Of the 78,737 cases in 2008, there were 15,540 cases dealing with assault, 27,888 with immorality, 21,395 dealing with drugs and 3,014 cases of financial dealings.
Jeddah was first in assault cases with 4,556 cases, an increase of 2,791 than 2007. Riyadh stood second with 2,438 cases representing a 14 percent increase. The lowest number of assault cases were recorded in Jizan with 182 cases showing a decline of 20.18 percent.
The report also showed a 8.33 percent increase in cases of suicide cases, with Eastern Province recording 49 cases as against 20 cases in Riyadh. – Okaz/SG

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