Worshippers need more mosques

Worshippers need more mosques


People using part of a street at prayer time exposes them to the elements and the possibility of being run over by passing vehicles

  • Without adequate space for prayer, worshippers have to resort to spreading their mats out on the street in Abu Dhabi. Gulf News reader Sarfaraz Hassan said: "Half of the road was being used by heavy vehicles and cars, while the remaining half... by people."
  • Image Credit: Sarfaraz Hassan/Gulf News reader
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I have been residing in Abu Dhabi for the past four years and I am very happy with the environment. The authorities have provided us with a clean and safe place to live in and work.

While I enjoy the beaches, parks and shopping malls, I especially love the mosques around the city. Wherever I am, it takes me just a 10 to 15-minute walk to find a mosque. I am glad that my prayers are not delayed.

Recently, I visited my brother, who resides in an accommodation in the Musaffah Industrial Area. It is a 30-minute drive from the city and his home is near the first traffic signal of the area.

My visit was on a Friday and when the time for prayers came around, I was shocked to see hundreds of people sitting out in the middle of the main road, bearing the midday heat.

Half of the road was being used by heavy vehicles and cars, while the remaining half was being used by people who had spread out their prayer mats.

It was my first experience, praying in the middle of a busy road.

I feel there is a need for a greater number of mosques in this area, and the existing ones should also be made bigger so that as many people as possible are able to pray indoors.

It is extremely dangerous to stand out on the streets, especially as careless motorists may run over people praying in the middle of the road. The situation only gets more serious during Eid, when there may be a greater number of people — including women and children — who want to use prayer facilities.

I appeal to the authorities concerned to urgently resolve this issue, for the safety of worshippers.


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